One step forward, two steps back! 

This week has been a mixed bag, I was really pleased to be able to get back to strength training after 5 months (boy did my first set of squats kill me) I also managed back to back classes of kettlebell/ body weight class followed by spin! Much to my amazement my shoulder held out with a 12kg kettlebell, burpees and press ups. I’d forgotten the love hate relationship I have with burpees. Talk about killer exercise.  I started to feel my Spartan training was going in right direction until Wednesday when my dr told me I had to stop running. I kind of knew what they were going to say when I went but was burying my head in the sand. For the last month or so I’ve been having a tough time with running, by the time I get to the 2 mile mark I get lightheaded, dizzy and blurry vision. It gets so bad I can’t see the traffic coming towards me and everything’s a blur both visually and my thoughts! My heart rate monitor has been recording HR of 202 bpm… This is way to high for somebody my age and probably counts for the blurry vision and dizziness! Monday I have got to have blood tests and an ECG then back to see dr on Thursday. I was gutted and said I understand I need to stop short term but that doesn’t mean they can forget me and not look at the reasons why this is happening. I’ve been running on and off for years and never had this!

I am not giving up yet, I have 71 days until the challenge of my life and in that time I’ll fight as hard as I can to achieve something to be proud of! 

I’m raising money for the MS Trust   as a thank you for all the support they’ve given me during diagnosis, choosing DMTs and symptoms checking! 


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