21 Day Sugar Detox! 

21 days ago I decided that I needed a sugar detox. I had been eating loads of fruit, having sugar free jelly with Greek yoghurt with my lunch and on the odd occasion I indulged in a piece of toast at my after school club. Although I wasn’t eating loads of sugar my body was craving it. I was driving myself crazy in the evenings fighting the urge to buy chocolate because I’d gotten used to wanting a sweet taste. I’d fancy something sweet after each savoury meal and although I was making pretty healthy choices the sweet tooth was driving me nuts!

So, I looked online and saw some different detoxes, some not as strict but I knew I would need to do the strictest if I wanted to see good results! I found this 21 day detox and agreed that it fitted my usual eating habits, I have low carb diet anyway so wasn’t bothered about cutting out rice, pasta and bread because these are things I rarely have anyway. I made a couple of exceptions to the list and kept milk and Greek yoghurt in my diet but stuck to the rest. After a week I started to notice I had more energy, I wasn’t having my 2pm slump where my fatigue hit and was able to get bit more done in the evenings. My partner agreed to do it with me and saw great results of 7lbs weight loss over the 21 days. I lost 4lbs but was at an ideal weight anyway. The biggest change tho was my shape, I lost a huge amount of bloat around my tummy, 14cm to be exact! I was still able to train hard in the gym and in fact upped my weights on lots of my exercises. I didn’t want the lack of carbs to mean I wasn’t able to train as well!

During the first week I found my new favourite food, kale. It is so versatile and can be cooked/eaten in so many different ways.

Baked Cajun kale crisps

‘Kale’slaw made with Greek yoghurt to accompany my steak and parsnip fries!

I stir fried it, baked it, steamed it and added it to meals all without really knowing how good it is for you! As I started cooking it everyday to replace higher sugar vegetables I thought it would be a good idea to check out its nutritional value. I knew it tasted good but didn’t realise just what a super food it is until finding this website.


I will be looking up some more great kale recipes over the next few weeks to keep it varied but at the minute it is most definitely my favourite vegetable and its not only tasty but a nutrient dense alternative!

My 21 days are over but I’ve decided to add another week which will take me nicely to a Chinese meal out to celebrate the boyfriends birthday, I intend to over indulge on this treat meal but will be going straight back to my healthy eating afterwards !

On a separate note my gym progress is going well and I’m happy with the results I’m seeing (I will do a separate post at later date but here’s a progress pic or two) 


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