When life moves to fast! 

Just over a week ago I had a rushed neurology appointment!

 I had my appointment letter dated to remind me to ring up and book my appointment which usually takes about 4-6 weeks! I hadn’t really mentally prepared myself for it knowing I had a while to think about which disease modifying therapy I was going to choose. I rang up on the Tuesday to find out all clinics were full and was told they couldn’t see me until  the end of April, I explained that this was a pretty important appointment and that would mean another 3 months off treatment if going back on was the best decision. Even though I wasn’t 100% sure this was the decision I wanted to make quite yet after the horrendous time I had on plegridy! The receptionist told me she’d speak to my neurologists secretary and see if there were any other clinics likely to be put on! Within an hour she’d called back and left a message saying they’d added me to the end of his clinic 2 days later! That panicked me slightly because I still wanted to research further DMTs and I felt I’d be pushed into making the decision straight away! 

For the first time ever I felt that my Dr really listened to me, I also felt like he respected the invisible side of my ms symptoms (something I have always felt he ignored)! He also agreed to do another MRI before I make any decisions! I really want to see if my lesion load has deteriorated or if the previous active lesions are still active! If things are stable I am hoping to stay medication free a little longer! I have had a return of some old symptoms lately which worries me tho which is another reason I wanted another MRI. I know that it’s reccomended MS patients  should be monitored every 12 months but my neurologist prefers to leave it longer stating he feels you see a better picture after a few years! I haven’t had one for 2 years now but was still dubious as to whether he would agree! 

So now I wait for an appointment! A plan has been put together if there’s any more lesions, aubagio will be the therapy I’ll try next! 

He’s also writing to my GP with info of migraine medication if I choose to try it and a suggestion of restarting gabapentin for my nerve pain! Here’s hoping I can manage without because I don’t want to have to worry about more side effects! 


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