Holding Back

I’ve been holding back from writing this blog post because I didn’t want to jinx anything or speak to soon. Nine days ago, on a sunny Friday afternoon I met with my MS specialist nurse to have training and administer my first shot of Plegridy. Not only was this the first dose of this particular […]

The Three Day Hangover! 

Last week was a fab but ridiculously busy week. I had things planned every single day which left no time for the dull everyday chores that I seem able to forget with ease. Housework… Left… Food shop… Left… Washing… Left… My usual weekly food prep… Left! This would’ve been fine if a) I didn’t use […]

A Date With Plegridy

I spent all last week  wondering why I hadn’t received the call from Bupa yet to arrange delivery of my plegridy. I was completely taken by surprise when a call came at 8.30pm last night with no caller ID! Usually I don’t answer them if I’m not expecting a call but my niece is in […]

Making Myself a Priority! 

Oh what a week! This week I’ve been revelling in being a lady of leisure.  I’ve been super busy enjoying myself, pampering myself, looking after myself and socialising with good friends. I started the week being looked after by my boyfriend, he is great at feeding me my favourite healthy food, making sure I’m ok […]