With good news comes no answers and disappointment! 

Well I should be pleased, was back at Drs today to get results of my ECG and blood tests. All came back normal, blood pressure sitting and standing is also normal 

SO…… Yes I’m pleased BUT although that has ruled out thyroid, anemia and few other things it hasn’t given me any answers.
Dr said I looked like I’ve lost weight… I wish, I’ve gained 11lbs since November! She still queried my diet to check I was eating regularly!

Dr also said I looked exhausted..gee thanks… If I slept for longer slots than 1hr 40 mins before waking many times  throughout the night I’m sure I’d look as fresh as a daisy! I declined her offer of sleeping pills because getting through a day at work is hard enough without side effects from pills. 

Also been told I need to (slowly) cut down on the only thing that gets me through the day… I actually feel panicky about this one. How will I survive on maximum of two cups a day!

It seems I need to buy a new bigger cup! 

The doctor is going to refer me to the palpitations clinic (any ideas what this is)? She has given me the go ahead to start exercising again but to go slow, use rehydration drinks and stop as soon as things feel funny! 

I’m now off for an early night, I’m going to need all the help I can get tomorrow if I’ve got to reduce my coffee intake! 


7 thoughts on “With good news comes no answers and disappointment! 

  1. I love this post, but I hate it when the doctor says something and they expect you to know what they are talking about.
    I know the palpitations feeling, like a fluttering of your heart rate. I know that sounds cheesy they could call it a speeding up of your heart rate. Unless they want it to sound romantic? The clinic is as far as I’m aware is to monitor any changes in your heart rate.
    Good luck.


    • I know…. The weird thing is it’s not like palpitations I’m getting… I don’t think anyway… 😂 I had ECG Monday (it was done in seconds) which shows that my heart is ok (at rest) but that doesn’t explain why it’s going to over 200 bpm when running causing be to have extremely blurry vision, lightheadedness and feeling like I’m going to pass out! I do sometimes get what you’re describing tho and usually comes with my dizziness and shaky head feeling! Ps, I love the romantic idea… Sure the BF would too lol

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