21 Day Sugar Detox! 

21 days ago I decided that I needed a sugar detox. I had been eating loads of fruit, having sugar free jelly with Greek yoghurt with my lunch and on the odd occasion I indulged in a piece of toast at my after school club. Although I wasn’t eating loads of sugar my body was […]

Irrational fear, the dreaded MRI day has arrived! 

I know my worrying and anxiousness is unnecessary but at the minute I’m finding it hard to think rationally! It all started 18 months ago when I went for my MRI, this was probably the 8th or 9th one I’d had so was confident it would be fine. I’d never really liked them but never […]

Meal Prep Is The Answer

It doesn’t matter what the question is… food prep is the answer. I am too tired to cook healthily after work… Food prep is the answer. I want to lose weight… Food prep. I need to stick to my macros… Food prep… I need to watch my portion sizes… Food prep. I live on my […]

Oh fudge! 

Wednesday  I was enjoying a bath before work when I remembered that it was one of my colleagues  last days before the Christmas break and I hadn’t got round to sorting a small gift! Cue the panicked fudge making! I had 45 minutes to dry, straighten hair, get dressed and do makeup and I’d just […]

Change is needed, get rid of skinny and bring in strong! 

I read an article this afternoon that sickened me, this is what teens look up to but is really damaging to their health. People are struggling with eating disorders to try and fit in with what the media portrays! (I’ll post the link below)  I’m annoyed to say I spent my teen years and most […]

Body Building… Have I lost the plot? 

Today’s blog is a bit of history regarding my fitness journey and explains why I decided to start a female body building program. My main reason is because I want to be strong enough to cope with whatever my MS might throw at me, it’s not about becoming a body builder but more about building […]

Holding Back

I’ve been holding back from writing this blog post because I didn’t want to jinx anything or speak to soon. Nine days ago, on a sunny Friday afternoon I met with my MS specialist nurse to have training and administer my first shot of Plegridy. Not only was this the first dose of this particular […]