Tonight I’m laying in the bath in my sparkly clean bathroom feeling a mixture of feelings. I’m wondering why on earth it’s taken me this long to ACT (Accept and Commit)  After years of living with a chonic illness I thought I had my life pretty much sorted. I have so many little tricks to […]

Meal Prep Is The Answer

It doesn’t matter what the question is… food prep is the answer. I am too tired to cook healthily after work… Food prep is the answer. I want to lose weight… Food prep. I need to stick to my macros… Food prep… I need to watch my portion sizes… Food prep. I live on my […]

Discharged! Not because I’m better but because they can’t do anything! 

Today I had a follow up appointment at my local hospital. This has been a regular  3 monthly trip for eye appointments for the last year. Each time they tell me what’s wrong and that they’re sorry but they can’t help me! Surgery would mean that I’d lose my ‘good days’ to correct the ‘bad […]