From plegridy and beyond! 

So much has happened since my last post and it seems I spoke far to soon. I went downhill pretty fast after my second shot and by my third shot I was desperate for somebody to tell me I needed to stop! I haven’t been able to get my head around writing about it (or anything else) until now because it’s taken my body and mind a while to recover! It seems like I lost myself, I had flu like symptoms with constant headaches which meant I was going through my days in a daze of pain and cog fog. I also developed an unquenchable thirst. Some days I was drinking 5-6 litres of water on top of my usual coffee and still felt thirsty the whole time. I literally felt like I was drowning myself. The amount of fluids meant I was depleting salts and sugars in my body and was left feeling completely drained. Then out of the blue after my third shot I had severe bleeding during my menstraul cycle. I ended up on the toilet for hours bleeding heavily. My entire period lasted about 3 hours instead of the usual 5-7 days. It was scary to say the least! When my ms nurse phoned to follow up from my email with regards to side effects I almost cried with happiness because she told me to stop. This was only 2 hours before my usual shot time and I had spent the entire week panicking. The relief was immense! 

The other passion that plegridy killed was my love of the gym, I was unable to train, found strength training hard and cardio was impossible. I had to stop doing both spin classes and running. It also affected my strength training, I was unable to do my usual sessions and found my right leg giving way when training. Not ideal when doing a kettlebell class and you find your legs going tingly then numb, a few times my legs completely gave way, not great when swinging a kettlebell about! I have now been off it a while and most side effects have gone, except the headaches but my eye consultant thinks this is related to other things not the medication, more testing to follow! 

I am now trying desperately to get back my level of fitness, this will take time but time is something I’m willing to put in! Food is going to be my fuel and now I just need to get my motivation back! First goal, find abs! 


Holding Back

I’ve been holding back from writing this blog post because I didn’t want to jinx anything or speak to soon.

Nine days ago, on a sunny Friday afternoon I met with my MS specialist nurse to have training and administer my first shot of Plegridy. Not only was this the first dose of this particular disease modifying therapy it was the first time I’d ever had to give myself an injection.

Although I’d been nervous since finding out I had to change DMTs from Tecfidera to Plegridy I didn’t think it was the actual injection part I was worried about. I had done lots of research, spoken to other users in forums as well as medical professionals and knew that the side effects can be awful in the beginning. My biggest concern was if I had severe side effects from the first starter dose I would have a really hard time taking the next shot. After all who would want to inject something that you knew was going to make you feel more crap than you did before.

Let’s go back to the Friday of my appointment. Thankfully I couldn’t stress about it to much because my daughter was having a procedure in the morning to get images ready for when she has her operation to treat endometriosis. Her partner wasn’t able to take her so I picked her up first thing and took her to the hospital. Before collecting her I had to get my supplies ready and pre medicate with paracetemol and ibroprofen. I took the plegridy pen out of the fridge, packed pre injection wipes, plaster and swabs as instructed in the biogen instruction manual. Thankfully my daughters appointment went well and we had an hour left before my appointment. This wasn’t long enough to drive daughter home so we went to the hospital cafeteria for lunch and to wait for my bestie to meet me at the hospital.

As expected I was nervous but felt confident I could do it, spoke to the nurse who ran me through the (simple) instructions beforehand. Everything was ok until I took the lid off the pen and reality and  panic set in. In that instant I actually didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. My best friend said the colour literally just drained out of me! She was fab, asked if she could touch me, went to give me reassuring stroke on my arm but missed and got my boob. This made us both laugh and took the pressure off me! I took the plunge and commited to the injection, pushed down firmly and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t hurt! The pen does a fairly loud click click click until all the liquid was injected. My leg bled a little but nothing too bad! By 5pm I had a headache and felt generally bluegh, this lasted the following day. This wasn’t as bad as I expected but still not nice. I went out for lunch but had to keep my sunglasses on indoors because the lights were making my headache worse.

Up until day three I could not see any mark at all but slowly as the day wore on it started going slightly red/blue.

Day 3

Day 7

Day 9 (today) it’s redder in colour and slightly hot today but not sore!

I am doing my second shot a couple of days earlier than the full two weeks because I think the day will suit me better and I didn’t have a choice with day of training and first shot! Fingers crossed second shot goes smoothly and side effects are lessened!

The Three Day Hangover! 

Last week was a fab but ridiculously busy week. I had things planned every single day which left no time for the dull everyday chores that I seem able to forget with ease. Housework… Left… Food shop… Left… Washing… Left… My usual weekly food prep… Left! This would’ve been fine if a) I didn’t use all my energy having fun and b) I didn’t use all my energy having fun. Basically by making myself a priority last week it means that when I need it most I haven’t got pre made healthy meals in the freezer. This means that instead of eating my usual healthy food I’ve opted for fruit, Greek yoghurt and granola for dinner. I’ve also been skipping the odd meals here and there. Some people can get away with this but as soon as I stop eating well my fatigue hits… HARD! 

I’ve been going round in a viscous circle all week. 

It started with a hangover…

Tiredness from busy week 


Not being prepared!

I spent an amazing time Saturday at my best friends wedding, I danced, drank to much wine and a few to many jäger bombs and stayed up way to late. Myself and a few friends weren’t ready to go home after the wedding finished so we went to another bar and club for dancing. I got home at 4am but only slept an hour and 20 minutes.  (I am blaming the caffeine in the jäger, pot of coffee and maybe a splash of wine). So little sleep meant I spent the Sunday still feeling drunk so the hangover didn’t actually hit until I was in the middle of a lunchtime spin class on the Monday! I was feeling so rubbish that I hadn’t fancied anything to eat for two days so just snacked on fruit and cereal. 

This has made my fatigue bad and my balance bad, I’ve been dropping things, making mistakes and generally feeling poo 💩

I know not eating properly as well as a busy week has contributed to how I feel but that circle just keeps going round and round. 

It was so bad today that I just wanted to drop to the floor of the local mall, my body felt heavy, my brain wasn’t functioning and I didn’t know how I was going to be able to get home!the cool fresh air gave me enough energy to get home, I laid on sofa and felt sorry for myself! While laying there I made the promise to myself that I would break the cycle. I put a chilli in the oven along with a chunky vegetable and spicy pepper turkey Bolognese, set an alarm and just rested while it cooked! 

I made myself a strong coffee, grabbed my gym kit and decided to push through a kettlebell and body weight class. Usually I follow this with a spin class but knew a coffee could only get me so far so I left the gym after kettlebells leaving just about enough energy to eat when I got home! 

I often wonder why I push myself in the gym when I feel so rubbish but then I remember what happened to me last time I gave in to the ms fatigue. 

As you can see… It wasn’t pretty! 

A Date With Plegridy

I spent all last week  wondering why I hadn’t received the call from Bupa yet to arrange delivery of my plegridy. I was completely taken by surprise when a call came at 8.30pm last night with no caller ID! Usually I don’t answer them if I’m not expecting a call but my niece is in hospital giving in labour with my great niece so wondered if it was a call with news. So I was surprised to hear “hello am I speaking to Laura B… This is (insert forgotten name here) calling from Bupa to arrange your delivery of plegridy”! At 8.30 usually I’m tucked up in bed chilling out. Who even knew Bupa called so late in the evening? 

(This pen is huge compared to my little hands)

So I now have a date in my diary for next Wednesday for delivery…. I need to call the hospital to arrange an appointment for training. I have researched it online quite a bit and am happy I know how to inject but it’s the actual doing it part that freaks me out, that and the side effects… I’m not sure I want to lose half of my weekends every month to flu like symptoms! 

If anybody has any tips then I am willing to learn from you! 

Making Myself a Priority! 

Oh what a week!

This week I’ve been revelling in being a lady of leisure. 

I’ve been super busy enjoying myself, pampering myself, looking after myself and socialising with good friends. I started the week being looked after by my boyfriend, he is great at feeding me my favourite healthy food, making sure I’m ok and helping with anything he can. I have literally had to squeeze him into a very busy schedule tho. Tuesday was meant to be a picnic with friends, work colleagues and their families at the park but the (not so) great British weather put a dampener on that quite literally so we postponed until the following day. I took advantage of this and went shopping for accessories to go with my navy spotty dress for my best friends wedding… I spent the entire day wandering around the city trying desperately to find shoes, a fascinator and a bag to match my dress! 7 hours later, yes 7 hours later I came home disappointed that I couldn’t find a single pair of shoes to fit. I’ve always been a size 3 which is difficult enough but since loosing weight 18 months ago all size 3s slip off! Thank goodness for the Internet and next day delivery  so I quickly went online and ordered 3 pairs of shoes, a bag and fascinator in navy and red

 I then changed into my gym gear and took my frustration out on a kettlebell. The class was run like a tabata class with hiit type training using kettlebells and bodyweight. I love Tuesdays because I do back to back classes of kettlebells, bodyweight and then a spin class. 

Wednesday I socialised with the little people in my friends life and enjoyed some time at the local park. I wasn’t able to stay for picnic because I was being treated to afternoon tea at the Assembly House in Norwich. It was a thank you from a colleague for all the hard work I’ve done over the last school year. It was a sad day because my colleague is leaving the profession and taking early retirement, she was amazing at what she did as a SENCO and deputy head! Next year will be strange!

The afternoon tea was scrumptious but I ate far more carbs than I ever do. Next week I’ll have to seriously get back on the healthy eating train!  

Today, Thursday was the ultimate in relaxation! I went to a spa day with my daughter and her mother in law! We got there early and enjoyed their leisure facilities, spa, sauna, steam rooms and pool. Lunch was really nice. We sat outside in our gowns next to the lake watching a robin play happily around us with her baby while eating (yet more carbs) chicken, bacon and Brie panini with salad and sweet potato fries. We then went back to the spa area and chilled some more, I actually swam laps for the first time since I was a teenager. My shoulder was a little painful but no more than when I lift weights and I still push through that so wasn’t going to let that stop me in the pool either! 

I finished the day with a back and leg massage. It was really relaxing and a few times I thought I was about to drift off! Maybe I need a massage before bed every night… I came home more relaxed than I’ve been in a long long time but with fuzzy hair that dried naturally while I had my massage! 

Tomorrow I claim my free lunch…. Remember my challenge where the loser had to buy the next Chinese meal at local restaurant… Well I won… There was no doubt really and I would’ve still been going strong if my challenger hadn’t given in. No cakes, biscuits, chocolate or bread for nearly 5 weeks before I was crowned the winner! I will be putting in an early morning spin class before getting my nails done and meeting up for an all you can eat Chinese buffet! 

Saturday is going to be a special day, I will be celebrating my best friends wedding, I literally can’t wait so it’s probably a good job I’ve been such a busy bee this week! I am sure I will have lots to say about this next week! 

Hag on the broads, Hens in the city! 

Wow, what a day I had yesterday! 

It was the day of my best friends Hag (Hen/Stag) do! It started early with me getting up at 7 am to ensure I was bathed, hair washed, dried and straightened and out of the door by 8.30 am! I had tried to be as organised as possible knowing that I’d be out until early hours of the morning! I’d barely left mine to collect my friend on route when I realised my brain fog had struck again and I’d forgotten jewellery, my lippy and something for one of the Hens games… Luckily I have awesome friends who brought all of the above  when they met me! 

I arrived at my best friends to a pot of freshly brewed coffee, she knows me so well! I managed to quickly down two cups while she put on her party dress and finished off her hair then left to meet the other girlies for a makeup master class! It felt very odd having somebody do my makeup. I wanted a natural look but was happy to go bolder than the usual ‘slap on some foundation, lipstick and blusher’ look that I tend to opt for in the 3 minutes before I leave for work! I was pleased with the finished result  but a little shocked by how many products actually went in to making the natural look! 

After makeup we had a short but hot walk through the city to get the train station which was taking us to Wroxham for the joint Hen and Stag boat trip along the broads. We all met up and got on the train once they opened the platform but they’d only put one carriage on. Now this would’ve been bad enough under normal circumstances on a hot Saturday, the first of the children’s summer holiday BUT was made even worse by the fact the previous train had been cancelled so more people were wanting to travel. When our party of 21 got on there was only a few seats and the rest of us were standing! Within minutes lots  more people tried to squeeze on making it extremely overcrowded. Suddenly over the tannoy came the announcement that everybody who was standing had to get off and get the next train in an hour. This would mean that the boat trip costing over £600 would be late and time wasted meaning a shorter journey. We ignored the request knowing that if we got off they would not help us get to our destination. One of the party spoke to the staff to explain the situation but they wouldn’t budge and said if we didn’t get off immediately they’d cancel the whole train! That is exactly what they did, however because they’d cancelled it they then had to put on alternative travel so after some stress trying to sort it out we were offered taxis that the train company would fund… Shockingly they then sent the train out empty while hundreds of people fought for refunds and or alternative transport. Luckily for us we arrived in time for the start of the party. The boat was amazing, it had a bar/food area downstairs, large upper deck and a more shady area at front of the boat. We played some Mr and Mrs games in  boys vs girls teams which was hilarious and ate scrumptious food from Pandoras Kitchen in Norwich. We drank, danced and generally had fun! 

Surprisingly my makeup lasted a sweltering hot day and only needed a touch up of lippy ready for the evening Hen celebrations that went on into the early hours. 

We danced, giggled, did challenges and drank some more. I think the only reason I lasted that long had something to do with the amount of caffeine in the two Jägerbombs I consumed at 8pm! Caffeine is my friend BUT not when it’s after 4pm. 

The day was really special and the couple deserve so much happiness. They’ve been through a some real tough times recently but still smile, laugh and love through it!   

I can’t wait to celebrate their big day with them on August the 6th.

Here’s to best friends…. X  

I have chosen not to put any photos of my gorgeous friends because I’ve never asked them so don’t want to plaster them over my blog without permission. 

And…. Breathe! 

Today is day one of my summer holiday, I turned my alarm off last night because I didn’t have to get up for work… Woke at 5.55 am anyway and debated getting up and heading to the gym. After very little consideration I rolled over, closed my eyes and daydreamed the next hour away. This last week has been hectic, 3 hospital appointments in 4 days. 48 hours wearing a heart rate monitor and having to squeeze in every type of exercise I usually do in the week to shorter timeframe so they can see what’s going on when I train, both cardio and strength! Add that to the overwhelming heat of the last couple days and I just needed a chilled day. I am going dress shopping with the girls later so need some energy for that! 

Another hospital appointment was one of been dreading, it was with my neurology specialist nurse regarding starting a new disease modifying therapy Plegridy. I am not looking forward to going back to side effects and also having to self inject this one. The other option is to stay off medications and the last time I tried that it didn’t work out so well for me. 3 new active brain lesions within 18 months and severe relapse which left me barely able to lift my head up without horrendous dizziness, I was unable to walk in a straight line even when I could get up and had problems with my vision. I don’t feel ready to take that risk again! I’m just waiting for Bupa to arrange delivery before I can start and will then have to go in for quick training on how to use the injector pen, it looks pretty straightforward but think I’ll find it hard to actually go through with it! 

Training has been a hit hit and miss this week because of hospital appointments but I did manage 2 good sessions at the weekend. 

I even found a park on my walk that had monkey bars so I could test out my shoulder, I managed 3 turns before pain set in, that’s anther one I might actually be able to do on my Spartan super! 

I still have a long way to go training wise to be able to run the 10 miles and if all else fails I’ll need to become a burpee expert pretty quick! 

Happy summer you lovely lot 

Sulky Bitch 

Im trying my best not to sound like a sulky bitch tonight but that’s exactly how I feel! 

I don’t feel I can even trust myself to respond to certain messages from my good friends in case I upset them while I feel like this…


That’s exactly how I feel… Upset. Upset by situations beyond my control, something that’s beyond anyone’s control… But upset none the less! I understand there’s good reasons but that doesn’t stop my disappointment! 

I’ve battled through so much over the last few months to get my fitness and health back on the right track and now feel it’s been wasted! My motivation is being pried away from me piece by piece… All at a time when I was feeling like things were going in right direction! 

I feel torn from wanting to carry on regardless and not wanting to upset my friends by carrying on! 

I know this is all very cryptic but I don’t think I can put my thoughts into words and make them sound less like me sulking and more like they’re meant! 


This weeks motivation saw me doing 45 minute strength training and hour spin on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend and then an intense kettlebell and body weight class followed by 45 minute spin class! I actually thought it might finish me off yesterday but I woke today breathing, sore but with a smile! 

Video of me training Christmas morning while everybody slept waiting for Santa! 

Tonight I’m going to put any negativity from my mind, have early night and listen to a guided meditation online to stop my mind wandering! 

I Can and I Will

Well well well, my motivation is back! Not before time! 

I was doing great with training until a shoulder injury stopped me lifting for almost 5 months. After a cortisteroid injection straight into the bursa I was given the go ahead to start very light strength training again. I was scared of re aggravating the injury so started slowly… Then came the dizziness, blurry vision and feeling I was going to faint when running! 

Tests done and told to stop cardio for a while! I was devastated. Partly because I love exercise and it’s the thing that keeps my mind and body healthy. I eat better when training too! The second reason I was so upset is I’m training for my first ever OCR. My friends gently bullied me into it because they wanted to do something for me. We are raising money for the MSTrust. This is the charity that has helped me most through the last few years so wanted to give something back! 

Back in January when I injured my shoulder I never imagined I’d still be struggling to train. It’s 64 days away and I am nowhere near in the physical shape I need to be in to complete the 10 miles and 29 obstacles. 

This is where my motivation comes in. I suddenly woke up with an urge… An urge to get out there and push my body again… 

Obviously I will need to start slowly, low weights, high reps BUT I am starting today… And I will be unstoppable. 

Today’s training will be 45 minutes strength (upper body) followed by an hour spinning. 

Tomorrow will be 45 minute strength lower body) followed by hour spinning! 

Be happy! 

With good news comes no answers and disappointment! 

Well I should be pleased, was back at Drs today to get results of my ECG and blood tests. All came back normal, blood pressure sitting and standing is also normal 

SO…… Yes I’m pleased BUT although that has ruled out thyroid, anemia and few other things it hasn’t given me any answers.
Dr said I looked like I’ve lost weight… I wish, I’ve gained 11lbs since November! She still queried my diet to check I was eating regularly!

Dr also said I looked exhausted..gee thanks… If I slept for longer slots than 1hr 40 mins before waking many times  throughout the night I’m sure I’d look as fresh as a daisy! I declined her offer of sleeping pills because getting through a day at work is hard enough without side effects from pills. 

Also been told I need to (slowly) cut down on the only thing that gets me through the day… I actually feel panicky about this one. How will I survive on maximum of two cups a day!

It seems I need to buy a new bigger cup! 

The doctor is going to refer me to the palpitations clinic (any ideas what this is)? She has given me the go ahead to start exercising again but to go slow, use rehydration drinks and stop as soon as things feel funny! 

I’m now off for an early night, I’m going to need all the help I can get tomorrow if I’ve got to reduce my coffee intake!