Oh fudge! 

Wednesday  I was enjoying a bath before work when I remembered that it was one of my colleagues  last days before the Christmas break and I hadn’t got round to sorting a small gift! Cue the panicked fudge making! I had 45 minutes to dry, straighten hair, get dressed and do makeup and I’d just added in cooking fudge to my already hectic morning!

This is where my tried and tested recipe comes in. I would say its fool proof but even I had one disastrous batch that I had to bin (it might have been down to the fact I added almost half a bottle of Malibu which stopped it setting) 

Thankfully even tho time was limited I still managed to make it and refrigerate it once I got to work! 

White chocolate and cranberry fudge 

12 oz granulated sugar

1 oz unsalted butter

6fl oz evaporated milk

10 oz white chocolate 

Dried cranberries 
Line dish with greaseproof paper

Put sugar, butter and evaporated milk into a large pan

Heat gently on low heat until the sugar has completely dissolved

Bring to boil stirring continuously with a wooden spoon

Turn down to simmer for 5 minutes (use a timer) stirring continuously

Remove from heat and quickly stir in chocolate and cranberries

Put straight into the lined dish and refrigerate until set

(Enjoy licking the pan/spoon) 

Once set cut into small squares and bag!

Some different flavours I’ve tried 

Chocolate orange

Rum and raisin (only small amount of alcohol)

Milk chocolate and honeycomb

Biscuit and raisin

Plain chocolate

White chocolate and coconut

Let me know if you do try my recipe! 



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