Change is needed, get rid of skinny and bring in strong! 

I read an article this afternoon that sickened me, this is what teens look up to but is really damaging to their health. People are struggling with eating disorders to try and fit in with what the media portrays! (I’ll post the link below) 

I’m annoyed to say I spent my teen years and most of my adult life feeling never quite good enough when it comes to how I look. Being a petite 5ft 1in meant that even looking at a doughnut meant I put on weight! During school years I was called fat and I believed it! The most I ever weighed in secondary school was 7st 7… Yes that’s 7 1/2 stone which is a healthy weight yet I allowed other people’s nastiness make me feel huge. By the time I was 18 I’d lost a stone and was an unhappy 6st 7lbs! I only weighed 8st 7lb when I went into labour with my daughter. The cruel comments were embedded and have lasted a lifetime! The media did nothing to help, models were all ridiculously thin and sadly people thought this was healthy and obtainable! What we didn’t see is how little these models ate, how pressured they were to have bones showing and how weak they probably felt! 

This is a recent (not very good progress) picture of me at 7st 7lbs

Things really need to change. We need to be portraying strength, health and balance to the kids and teens of today, the ones that are still very impressionable! 

I now weigh the same as I did in my teen years but the difference is I’m stronger, I’m not desperately trying to get skinny. I want to feel healthy and fuel my body so it works for me! 

It took me until I was 40 and recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis before I realised that health, strength and balance were more important than being slim! I eat more now but I eat better, I use food for fuel!

working towards body confidence!


6 thoughts on “Change is needed, get rid of skinny and bring in strong! 

  1. Followed you here from FB’s Live, Love, Lift 30 Day Challenge. 🙂 Good perspective! There’s so much more to being fit and healthy than fitting into a stinking size 0!!!


      • That’s awesome! It can be a hard lesson to learn, but it’s worth it. My 13 year old daughter was talking about thigh gap the other day. It’s nauseating, how these poor kids are exposed to crap like that instead of strong and healthy role models.

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      • Absolutely, thankfully my daughter wasn’t affected by negativity towards my body, it helps that she’s tall and slim naturally. Wish there was a way we could get that message out to our next generation.

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