From plegridy and beyond! 

So much has happened since my last post and it seems I spoke far to soon. I went downhill pretty fast after my second shot and by my third shot I was desperate for somebody to tell me I needed to stop! I haven’t been able to get my head around writing about it (or anything else) until now because it’s taken my body and mind a while to recover! It seems like I lost myself, I had flu like symptoms with constant headaches which meant I was going through my days in a daze of pain and cog fog. I also developed an unquenchable thirst. Some days I was drinking 5-6 litres of water on top of my usual coffee and still felt thirsty the whole time. I literally felt like I was drowning myself. The amount of fluids meant I was depleting salts and sugars in my body and was left feeling completely drained. Then out of the blue after my third shot I had severe bleeding during my menstraul cycle. I ended up on the toilet for hours bleeding heavily. My entire period lasted about 3 hours instead of the usual 5-7 days. It was scary to say the least! When my ms nurse phoned to follow up from my email with regards to side effects I almost cried with happiness because she told me to stop. This was only 2 hours before my usual shot time and I had spent the entire week panicking. The relief was immense! 

The other passion that plegridy killed was my love of the gym, I was unable to train, found strength training hard and cardio was impossible. I had to stop doing both spin classes and running. It also affected my strength training, I was unable to do my usual sessions and found my right leg giving way when training. Not ideal when doing a kettlebell class and you find your legs going tingly then numb, a few times my legs completely gave way, not great when swinging a kettlebell about! I have now been off it a while and most side effects have gone, except the headaches but my eye consultant thinks this is related to other things not the medication, more testing to follow! 

I am now trying desperately to get back my level of fitness, this will take time but time is something I’m willing to put in! Food is going to be my fuel and now I just need to get my motivation back! First goal, find abs! 


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