The Three Day Hangover! 

Last week was a fab but ridiculously busy week. I had things planned every single day which left no time for the dull everyday chores that I seem able to forget with ease. Housework… Left… Food shop… Left… Washing… Left… My usual weekly food prep… Left! This would’ve been fine if a) I didn’t use all my energy having fun and b) I didn’t use all my energy having fun. Basically by making myself a priority last week it means that when I need it most I haven’t got pre made healthy meals in the freezer. This means that instead of eating my usual healthy food I’ve opted for fruit, Greek yoghurt and granola for dinner. I’ve also been skipping the odd meals here and there. Some people can get away with this but as soon as I stop eating well my fatigue hits… HARD! 

I’ve been going round in a viscous circle all week. 

It started with a hangover…

Tiredness from busy week 


Not being prepared!

I spent an amazing time Saturday at my best friends wedding, I danced, drank to much wine and a few to many jäger bombs and stayed up way to late. Myself and a few friends weren’t ready to go home after the wedding finished so we went to another bar and club for dancing. I got home at 4am but only slept an hour and 20 minutes.  (I am blaming the caffeine in the jäger, pot of coffee and maybe a splash of wine). So little sleep meant I spent the Sunday still feeling drunk so the hangover didn’t actually hit until I was in the middle of a lunchtime spin class on the Monday! I was feeling so rubbish that I hadn’t fancied anything to eat for two days so just snacked on fruit and cereal. 

This has made my fatigue bad and my balance bad, I’ve been dropping things, making mistakes and generally feeling poo 💩

I know not eating properly as well as a busy week has contributed to how I feel but that circle just keeps going round and round. 

It was so bad today that I just wanted to drop to the floor of the local mall, my body felt heavy, my brain wasn’t functioning and I didn’t know how I was going to be able to get home!the cool fresh air gave me enough energy to get home, I laid on sofa and felt sorry for myself! While laying there I made the promise to myself that I would break the cycle. I put a chilli in the oven along with a chunky vegetable and spicy pepper turkey Bolognese, set an alarm and just rested while it cooked! 

I made myself a strong coffee, grabbed my gym kit and decided to push through a kettlebell and body weight class. Usually I follow this with a spin class but knew a coffee could only get me so far so I left the gym after kettlebells leaving just about enough energy to eat when I got home! 

I often wonder why I push myself in the gym when I feel so rubbish but then I remember what happened to me last time I gave in to the ms fatigue. 

As you can see… It wasn’t pretty! 


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