A Date With Plegridy

I spent all last week  wondering why I hadn’t received the call from Bupa yet to arrange delivery of my plegridy. I was completely taken by surprise when a call came at 8.30pm last night with no caller ID! Usually I don’t answer them if I’m not expecting a call but my niece is in hospital giving in labour with my great niece so wondered if it was a call with news. So I was surprised to hear “hello am I speaking to Laura B… This is (insert forgotten name here) calling from Bupa to arrange your delivery of plegridy”! At 8.30 usually I’m tucked up in bed chilling out. Who even knew Bupa called so late in the evening? 

(This pen is huge compared to my little hands)

So I now have a date in my diary for next Wednesday for delivery…. I need to call the hospital to arrange an appointment for training. I have researched it online quite a bit and am happy I know how to inject but it’s the actual doing it part that freaks me out, that and the side effects… I’m not sure I want to lose half of my weekends every month to flu like symptoms! 

If anybody has any tips then I am willing to learn from you! 


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