Making Myself a Priority! 

Oh what a week!

This week I’ve been revelling in being a lady of leisure. 

I’ve been super busy enjoying myself, pampering myself, looking after myself and socialising with good friends. I started the week being looked after by my boyfriend, he is great at feeding me my favourite healthy food, making sure I’m ok and helping with anything he can. I have literally had to squeeze him into a very busy schedule tho. Tuesday was meant to be a picnic with friends, work colleagues and their families at the park but the (not so) great British weather put a dampener on that quite literally so we postponed until the following day. I took advantage of this and went shopping for accessories to go with my navy spotty dress for my best friends wedding… I spent the entire day wandering around the city trying desperately to find shoes, a fascinator and a bag to match my dress! 7 hours later, yes 7 hours later I came home disappointed that I couldn’t find a single pair of shoes to fit. I’ve always been a size 3 which is difficult enough but since loosing weight 18 months ago all size 3s slip off! Thank goodness for the Internet and next day delivery  so I quickly went online and ordered 3 pairs of shoes, a bag and fascinator in navy and red

 I then changed into my gym gear and took my frustration out on a kettlebell. The class was run like a tabata class with hiit type training using kettlebells and bodyweight. I love Tuesdays because I do back to back classes of kettlebells, bodyweight and then a spin class. 

Wednesday I socialised with the little people in my friends life and enjoyed some time at the local park. I wasn’t able to stay for picnic because I was being treated to afternoon tea at the Assembly House in Norwich. It was a thank you from a colleague for all the hard work I’ve done over the last school year. It was a sad day because my colleague is leaving the profession and taking early retirement, she was amazing at what she did as a SENCO and deputy head! Next year will be strange!

The afternoon tea was scrumptious but I ate far more carbs than I ever do. Next week I’ll have to seriously get back on the healthy eating train!  

Today, Thursday was the ultimate in relaxation! I went to a spa day with my daughter and her mother in law! We got there early and enjoyed their leisure facilities, spa, sauna, steam rooms and pool. Lunch was really nice. We sat outside in our gowns next to the lake watching a robin play happily around us with her baby while eating (yet more carbs) chicken, bacon and Brie panini with salad and sweet potato fries. We then went back to the spa area and chilled some more, I actually swam laps for the first time since I was a teenager. My shoulder was a little painful but no more than when I lift weights and I still push through that so wasn’t going to let that stop me in the pool either! 

I finished the day with a back and leg massage. It was really relaxing and a few times I thought I was about to drift off! Maybe I need a massage before bed every night… I came home more relaxed than I’ve been in a long long time but with fuzzy hair that dried naturally while I had my massage! 

Tomorrow I claim my free lunch…. Remember my challenge where the loser had to buy the next Chinese meal at local restaurant… Well I won… There was no doubt really and I would’ve still been going strong if my challenger hadn’t given in. No cakes, biscuits, chocolate or bread for nearly 5 weeks before I was crowned the winner! I will be putting in an early morning spin class before getting my nails done and meeting up for an all you can eat Chinese buffet! 

Saturday is going to be a special day, I will be celebrating my best friends wedding, I literally can’t wait so it’s probably a good job I’ve been such a busy bee this week! I am sure I will have lots to say about this next week! 


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