Hag on the broads, Hens in the city! 

Wow, what a day I had yesterday! 

It was the day of my best friends Hag (Hen/Stag) do! It started early with me getting up at 7 am to ensure I was bathed, hair washed, dried and straightened and out of the door by 8.30 am! I had tried to be as organised as possible knowing that I’d be out until early hours of the morning! I’d barely left mine to collect my friend on route when I realised my brain fog had struck again and I’d forgotten jewellery, my lippy and something for one of the Hens games… Luckily I have awesome friends who brought all of the above  when they met me! 

I arrived at my best friends to a pot of freshly brewed coffee, she knows me so well! I managed to quickly down two cups while she put on her party dress and finished off her hair then left to meet the other girlies for a makeup master class! It felt very odd having somebody do my makeup. I wanted a natural look but was happy to go bolder than the usual ‘slap on some foundation, lipstick and blusher’ look that I tend to opt for in the 3 minutes before I leave for work! I was pleased with the finished result  but a little shocked by how many products actually went in to making the natural look! 

After makeup we had a short but hot walk through the city to get the train station which was taking us to Wroxham for the joint Hen and Stag boat trip along the broads. We all met up and got on the train once they opened the platform but they’d only put one carriage on. Now this would’ve been bad enough under normal circumstances on a hot Saturday, the first of the children’s summer holiday BUT was made even worse by the fact the previous train had been cancelled so more people were wanting to travel. When our party of 21 got on there was only a few seats and the rest of us were standing! Within minutes lots  more people tried to squeeze on making it extremely overcrowded. Suddenly over the tannoy came the announcement that everybody who was standing had to get off and get the next train in an hour. This would mean that the boat trip costing over £600 would be late and time wasted meaning a shorter journey. We ignored the request knowing that if we got off they would not help us get to our destination. One of the party spoke to the staff to explain the situation but they wouldn’t budge and said if we didn’t get off immediately they’d cancel the whole train! That is exactly what they did, however because they’d cancelled it they then had to put on alternative travel so after some stress trying to sort it out we were offered taxis that the train company would fund… Shockingly they then sent the train out empty while hundreds of people fought for refunds and or alternative transport. Luckily for us we arrived in time for the start of the party. The boat was amazing, it had a bar/food area downstairs, large upper deck and a more shady area at front of the boat. We played some Mr and Mrs games in  boys vs girls teams which was hilarious and ate scrumptious food from Pandoras Kitchen in Norwich. We drank, danced and generally had fun! 

Surprisingly my makeup lasted a sweltering hot day and only needed a touch up of lippy ready for the evening Hen celebrations that went on into the early hours. 

We danced, giggled, did challenges and drank some more. I think the only reason I lasted that long had something to do with the amount of caffeine in the two Jägerbombs I consumed at 8pm! Caffeine is my friend BUT not when it’s after 4pm. 

The day was really special and the couple deserve so much happiness. They’ve been through a some real tough times recently but still smile, laugh and love through it!   

I can’t wait to celebrate their big day with them on August the 6th.

Here’s to best friends…. X  

I have chosen not to put any photos of my gorgeous friends because I’ve never asked them so don’t want to plaster them over my blog without permission. 


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