And…. Breathe! 

Today is day one of my summer holiday, I turned my alarm off last night because I didn’t have to get up for work… Woke at 5.55 am anyway and debated getting up and heading to the gym. After very little consideration I rolled over, closed my eyes and daydreamed the next hour away. This last week has been hectic, 3 hospital appointments in 4 days. 48 hours wearing a heart rate monitor and having to squeeze in every type of exercise I usually do in the week to shorter timeframe so they can see what’s going on when I train, both cardio and strength! Add that to the overwhelming heat of the last couple days and I just needed a chilled day. I am going dress shopping with the girls later so need some energy for that! 

Another hospital appointment was one of been dreading, it was with my neurology specialist nurse regarding starting a new disease modifying therapy Plegridy. I am not looking forward to going back to side effects and also having to self inject this one. The other option is to stay off medications and the last time I tried that it didn’t work out so well for me. 3 new active brain lesions within 18 months and severe relapse which left me barely able to lift my head up without horrendous dizziness, I was unable to walk in a straight line even when I could get up and had problems with my vision. I don’t feel ready to take that risk again! I’m just waiting for Bupa to arrange delivery before I can start and will then have to go in for quick training on how to use the injector pen, it looks pretty straightforward but think I’ll find it hard to actually go through with it! 

Training has been a hit hit and miss this week because of hospital appointments but I did manage 2 good sessions at the weekend. 

I even found a park on my walk that had monkey bars so I could test out my shoulder, I managed 3 turns before pain set in, that’s anther one I might actually be able to do on my Spartan super! 

I still have a long way to go training wise to be able to run the 10 miles and if all else fails I’ll need to become a burpee expert pretty quick! 

Happy summer you lovely lot 


5 thoughts on “And…. Breathe! 

  1. I used to love the monkey bars as a kid. last time I tried I couldn’t even move one bar so I’m very very impressed! As for Plegridy, I’m hoping to swap over from Rebif (3 injections a week to 1 a fortnight? bring it on!) fingers crossed it works well for you 🙂


    • Thank you… 😘 This was the first time I’d done them since being much younger too, I know that one of the obstacles in my Spartan is monkey bars so took the opportunity when I found some with no body else about. My gym has monkey bars but wasn’t confident enough to try in front of loads of people!
      Hopefully you’ll get the go ahead for swap, were you nervous before starting shots? I’m nervous about both injecting and the possible side effects! 😀


      • I was a little nervous but I’ve never had a problem with needles so wasn’t too worried. To be honest after a while I stopped using the injector it came with and I self inject now because the mechanism was vicious. The side effects aren’t pleasant but a couple of paracetamol before injecting and plenty of fluids really help to let me sleep through the worst of them, hopefully the plegridy will be the same. Site reactions can be irritating but with an injection once a fortnight it shouldn’t be too bad, maybe a red mark or occasional bruise where you inject if it hits a small blood vessel, that might need a cold compress to help ease but it’s a small price to pay 🙂

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