Sulky Bitch 

Im trying my best not to sound like a sulky bitch tonight but that’s exactly how I feel! 

I don’t feel I can even trust myself to respond to certain messages from my good friends in case I upset them while I feel like this…


That’s exactly how I feel… Upset. Upset by situations beyond my control, something that’s beyond anyone’s control… But upset none the less! I understand there’s good reasons but that doesn’t stop my disappointment! 

I’ve battled through so much over the last few months to get my fitness and health back on the right track and now feel it’s been wasted! My motivation is being pried away from me piece by piece… All at a time when I was feeling like things were going in right direction! 

I feel torn from wanting to carry on regardless and not wanting to upset my friends by carrying on! 

I know this is all very cryptic but I don’t think I can put my thoughts into words and make them sound less like me sulking and more like they’re meant! 


This weeks motivation saw me doing 45 minute strength training and hour spin on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend and then an intense kettlebell and body weight class followed by 45 minute spin class! I actually thought it might finish me off yesterday but I woke today breathing, sore but with a smile! 

Video of me training Christmas morning while everybody slept waiting for Santa! 

Tonight I’m going to put any negativity from my mind, have early night and listen to a guided meditation online to stop my mind wandering! 


3 thoughts on “Sulky Bitch 

  1. I don’t think you sound like a sulky bitch. We all go off track every so often but you can get back on track. Venting definitely helps. Now that you’ve purged the negative thoughts, you have plenty of room for positivity. Sending you lots of it!!

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