I Can and I Will

Well well well, my motivation is back! Not before time!

I was doing great with training until a shoulder injury stopped me lifting for almost 5 months. After a cortisteroid injection straight into the bursa I was given the go ahead to start very light strength training again. I was scared of re aggravating the injury so started slowly… Then came the dizziness, blurry vision and feeling I was going to faint when running!

Tests done and told to stop cardio for a while! I was devastated. Partly because I love exercise and it’s the thing that keeps my mind and body healthy. I eat better when training too! The second reason I was so upset is I’m training for my first ever OCR. My friends gently bullied me into it because they wanted to do something for me. We are raising money for the MS Trust. This is the charity that has helped me most through the last few years so wanted to give something back!

Back in January when I injured my shoulder I never imagined I’d still be struggling to train. It’s 64 days away and I am nowhere near in the physical shape I need to be in to complete the 10 miles and 29 obstacles.

This is where my motivation comes in. I suddenly woke up with an urge… An urge to get out there and push my body again…

Obviously I will need to start slowly, low weights, high reps BUT I am starting today… And I will be unstoppable.

Today’s training will be 45 minutes strength (upper body) followed by an hour spinning.

Tomorrow will be 45 minute strength lower body) followed by hour spinning!

Be happy!


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