The Prequel 

Well…. I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself and what I’m about in my first post! Instead I went right in and put down my thoughts of the day so here goes a little about myself (or maybe a lot depending on how the words come out)! 

Firstly I am NOT a writer, I imagine I will just type things as they enter my head, and I blame any mistakes on my lesions, brain fog and fatigue! Wouldn’t it be great if I didn’t have that excuse for my inability to sometimes get the grammar, punctuation and sentence structure correct! 

Secondly I am writing this partly to get my many thoughts out of my overactive mind. Hopefully this might mean I get to sleep without having to listen to my mind chattering constantly! I would like to think that others might be able to relate to some of the things I post and it would be great if people wanted to read about how ‘ living life’ affects me! 

A few facts about me…

I’m 41 (don’t feel anything like I thought being in my 40s would feel like) 

I have a beautiful 22 year old daughter who I am super proud of and love more than I ever realised was possible. She has a successful career as a social worker, her own home, great boyfriend and super cute puppy. I may write more about her at later point because she has her own set of health issues! 

I LOVE the gym, until January I was at the fittest I’ve ever been! I was training hard (too hard as I ended up with injury) I had got in to strength training as well as carrying on with my cardio, spin classes 4x week plus running until disaster struck and I partially dislocated my shoulder. 4.5 months later and it’s only just healed enough to pick up weights! I feel very lucky to be able to keep fit and will never take it for granted! 

I have multiple sclerosis 

I try to stay positive and just accept this is my life, with new normals, worries, symptoms and…. (damn you ms fog/cognition for stealing the word I wanted to use here) knowing that my future is uncertain. I guess all our futures are uncertain but ms means you know just how fragile life and good health is! 

I started a disease modifying therapy called Tecfidera in November 2015 but after 6 months of severe flushing my neurologist decided to take me off it. I felt like I’d failed because I really desperately wanted it to work. A month before starting I’d had 3 new lesions shown on MRI and a relapse that caused severe dizziness leaving me almost unable to leave my flat for 5 weeks. I’d pinned all my hopes on Tec being this miracle pill. 

I will however be starting Plegridy as soon as the paperwork etc is sorted, I didn’t want to do shots but I’m willing to give it a go if there’s a chance it works and can lessen damage/relapses.  

I am hopeful to get back a good level of fitness soon and have signed up for a Spartan Super (10 miles run plus up to 23 obstacles)! My good friends wanted to do something to support me and suggested an event, I thought it would be something small like a 5k, how wrong I was. I will be raising money for the MSTrust who have helped me tremendously through diagnosis, medication and work issues! (Sorry but cheekily going to add my fundraising page here) MadeStrong team ms trust fundraising page

Last bit of info about me (sorry I said it would be short) 

I’m a teaching assistant working in a city centre primary school. My main work is based around pastoral support but I’m currently doing an EAL specialist TA course so will be working with pupils with English as Additional Language in addition to the pastoral role! 

Thanks for reading my rambling and would love to hear from anybody who made it to the end or who have similar interests! 



3 thoughts on “The Prequel 

  1. This is great! I’m on tecfidera I have been for 13 months now. I know it doesn’t agree with everyone.
    Even my neurologist was surprised how my body adjusted to it.
    Good luck with your new medication when you get started.
    I haven’t dared to do a blog post about my MS yet, I found it hard enough to explain it face to face with my family.

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